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Outlook 2010 performance

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  • Outlook 2010 performance

    Dear all,

    I'm all out of ideas, we run a citrix server with just 20 users.
    Als have installed a seperate exchange 2010 sp1 server.

    Now several users complain about a slow performance.
    However this only happen by users that open multiple mailboxes.

    When outlook starts it takes a while, after it starts outlook freezes for some time.
    Than it works until accessing another mailbox, it becomes unresponsive again.
    It also says it is not responding, after a while it comes back again.

    I saw several topics here abou this, they are all closed with no resolution.

    Does anyone have experience in this?

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    Re: Outlook 2010 performance

    You are all out of idea.... can you give us a rough view of what you have done to save us telling you to re-do it :P

    Anyhow, Have you tried....
    Outlook.exe /safe
    Outlook.exe /ClearViews

    Have you tried disableing Chached Mode (or Enabling it)?
    Have you Tried this with a user that has 2 completely empty mailboxes (To see if it makes a difference, then it could be slow seek times).

    When it goes "Not responding" if you make it crash, are there any error message generated in any of the event logs.
    Are there any Sync Errors?
    Have you tried this using Outlook 2010 with muiltiply mailboxes installed on its own hardware (To ensure its not a Citrix error).

    Good to be back....


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      Re: Outlook 2010 performance

      Only the primary mailbox will be cached so delays when opening (and populating) additional mailboxes is to be expected
      How large are the mailboxes?
      What specs does the TS have?
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        Re: Outlook 2010 performance

        Both servers are in VMware.
        Specs of the Citrix Server: 4 CPU's 16GB Memory
        There is always more than 6 GB memory available.

        Exchange Server: 2 CPU 24 GB Memory
        Here there is almost 2 GB memory available erverytime.

        Also no CPU restrains at all.

        This only for 20 users.
        Strange thins is that we run multiple setups like this, bigger ones.
        Here they have no issues at all only thing is here SP1 of exchange 2010 is not installed.

        However i cannot uninstall SP1 as the DVD cam integrated with it.

        Allready tried:
        Outlook.exe /safe
        Outlook.exe /ClearViews

        Still the same issues.
        It does not crash, it becomes unresponsive.

        It only happens to people that are opening multiple mailboxes (NOT multiple exchange accounts) but add other mailboxes using the options accountsettings.

        Mailboxes vary from: 400 MB to 3 GB
        Cache mode on a citrix/terminal server is not what you want, due to the space it would need.