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Convert recurring appointments to single items

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  • Convert recurring appointments to single items

    In my calendar in outlook 2010 I have a lot of recurring appointments, it happens a lot that a single appointment is copied to another calendar. But duplicating a recurring appointment is duplicating the whole recurring appointment instead of the single appointment for that particular day. Then you have to edit the new appointment an remove the recurring schedule and repair the start- and enddate, because this resets.

    I'm looking for one solution, where i think two different solutions can apply.
    Solution 1: Create a recurring appointment and afterwards convert this into a single appointments by use of custom scripting.
    Solution 2: Or make a copy of a recurring appointment into a single appointment for a specific date by use of custom scripting.

    Because I'm not that familiar with outlook vba I can really use some help, first in what solution is possible and the best for my need and second can anyone give me a good start with a custom script.

    Big thanks in advance.