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Licensing Issues for Home Users...

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  • Licensing Issues for Home Users...

    I have been a bit confused....I recently purchased a full retail version of Microsoft's Office 2010 Professional for my home network environment consisting of 6 PC's and a laptop...

    I have installed the office product on 2 PC's and the laptop and registereed it with no problems....

    How come I am not abloe to do so with my other machines - I keep getting the error message that my products has already been used.

    Aren't there any considerations for home users? It's not like I'm in a corporate environment with employees...just a home user who love to work on PC's and learn by doing new things, etc...

    Can anyone help regarding this?

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    Re: Licensing Issues for Home Users...

    For home users, there is the relevant edition which can be installed on up to three computers. By installing Professional on three computers I would imagine you are in breach of the EULA - I can't imagine it permitting installation on more than two computers at once (a desktop and a laptop, and you may only install it for use by the same person using one device or the other at any one time).

    You certainly wouldn't be permitted to install a single Professional license on 6 computers.

    Home users are required to comply with licensing regulations, just as corporate users are.

    First place to look though would be the EULA you've accepted, which should be in printed form accompanying the install media.
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      Re: Licensing Issues for Home Users...

      What does using it at home versus work have to do with anything? Why you you expect a consideration for that?

      Can I install Office Home and Business 2010 and Office Professional 2010 on more than one PC?
      It depends on what you purchase—a Traditional Disc or Product Key Card. If you purchase a Traditional Disc retail license of Office Home and Business 2010 or Office Professional 2010, the retail license terms allow you to install, activate, and use Office Home and Business 2010 or Office Professional 2010 on your primary PC and your portable device such as your laptop. This license is for your use exclusively.

      If you purchase an Office 2010 Product Key Card, you can only activate and use the suite on one PC or device. For more information on the license you have purchased and to obtain an overview of your licensing agreement, visit the Microsoft Software License Terms (MSLT).
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