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Is there anywhere I can get an Office 2013 Pro MSI

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  • Is there anywhere I can get an Office 2013 Pro MSI

    We're trying to use Intune to deploy S/W to our Mobile Windows 10 devices but it only supports MSI's not exe. I've been searching but haven't found anywhere I can download one. Our Volume license just has the ISO. Does anyone know if there is a site that has that available?

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    Office 2010 and newer only use the setup.exe, there are no MSI's for them. If you want to customize the install and only install certain parts, or place icons in specific locations (for example), you use the Office Customization Tool (OCT). That tool will create an *.msp file, which you can call as part of a script to push the identical install thru Group Policy (for example). If InTune can handle batch files, then you shouldn't have any issue with calling the setup.exe and include the MSP file. The only way you'll get an MSI is if you create one yourself, which can be a much larger job than I've described above. Check out this page for some guidance on the OCT:

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