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Outlook 2010 & Windows Search Not Working...

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  • Outlook 2010 & Windows Search Not Working...

    Evening all,

    This has been driving me crazy for 3 days now, I juct can't seem to get to the bottom of it. 6 days ago one of my clients got in touch saying her Outlook was searching very slowly but no rush as it's still searching. That afternoon another member of the same company sent an email saying basically the same. With in 2 days I'd had 8 people from the same company saying the same. After looking into it every workstation has the same issue...

    Windows search appears to be working fine, you can rebuild the index and it rebuilds pretty quickly (thousand plus files a minute), however windows search doesn't seem to want to play ball with Outlook 2010.

    As you can see Indexing Options is greyed out and it just wants you to 'Upgrade Search', screen shot was from a Win 7 Pro Workstation so there is no upgrade for search.
    I have tried rebilding indexes, checked and restarted the indexing service and windows search service, checked outlook is running exchange cached mode, removing and reinstalling windows search, repairing office installation, removing office entirely and reinstalling... So far nothing I've done has made the blindest bit of difference, Outlook and Windows Search refuse to play ball together. One of the XP Pro workstations after Windows Search 4 was reinstalled refused to even show Outlook in its location list....

    The only thing I can think of is that an update has knocked it out but, according to WSUS, there havent been any updates in the last 2 weeks.
    The site consists of 1x SBS 2008 domain email running through exchange 2007. 2x Server 2008 R2 Database Servers, 20x Workstations, 8 are Win XP Pro 12 are Win 7 Pro X64. Office 2010 Pro X86 installed on all workstations...

    Client is now desperate to get it working again and I'm pulling my hair out, is there anything I've missed, anything else I can look at...?


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    Eventually found it, remove KB3114409 and its all working again, doesn't even need a reboot...!