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Uninstalla MS Access 2013 individually

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  • Uninstalla MS Access 2013 individually

    I am using MS Office 365. Now i want to uninstall MS Access 2013 individually. I search the web but unable to find the solution.

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    Control Panel
    Programs and Features
    Office 2013 --> Uninstall --> Customise/Repair, select Access 2013 and remove. It should be something like that. I don't use Office 2013 so I can't give the exact wording or provide screen shots but it isn't rocket science.
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      What exact package are you installing? Office 365 Pro Plus or Office 2013?

      As Biggles rightly mentions the options to remove access need to be done via Control Panel which will work for Office 2013 only.

      Office 365 Pro Plus is different and will require you to Remove Office 365 completely and reinstall using the CTR and a custom XML file which will exclude the installation of Access.

      Sorry but i'm not aware of any option to change the installation AFTER you install other than remove and install using the above method, I will no doubt be proved wrong soon enough though