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Outlook prompt to Slecet the encoding that makes your document readable

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  • Outlook prompt to Slecet the encoding that makes your document readable


    We are in the process of upgrading our users to Office 2010 but have come across a strange issue.

    When you have your mail formatting set to HTML (which we need for our signature software) random users get the prompt 'Select the encoding that makes your document readable' when creating a new mail. If you hit cancel the mail is created just fine.

    I tried recreating the Outlook profile and the problem still exists, tried starting in safe mode which stops the error so disable all the add ins that safemode does and run Outlook normally and it still does it.

    If you log in as a different user on the PC there is no issue, if you recreate their windows profile then the issue is resolved. I can then cpy all of the application data back from the old profile into the new and the problem is not recreated. The problem is, we could do with not having to do this across the board as we are on a tight timescale.

    We have tried the fixes people mention for the problem occuring in Word but these make no difference and there doesn't appear to be anything specific to Outlook. We have tried clean installs and straight upgrades and this makes no difference. We dont seem to be able to pin down a common factor and there is nothing of any note being generated in event viewer?!

    All the PC's are running windows XP, fully updated and it is office 2010 standard, mostly upgraded from 2003. Exhcange 2003

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as it has brought the roll out to a bit of a halt now!