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Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

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  • Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

    Well I decided to give Office 2010 a try recently so last week I updated from Office 2007 to Office 2010 from the Action Pack.

    Our Outlook setup is using Exchange 2003 on an SBS server. We have multiple shared mailboxes and access each other's mailboxes when different engineers are not on site.

    The additional mailboxes are added through Account Settings -> Change account -> More Settings -> Advanced.

    We also have several shared calendars stored in the public folders.

    With no additional mailboxes specified, the public folder calendars work fine.

    With additional mailboxes specified, most of the time Outlook just hangs when I try to access the public folder calendars. Occasionally they will appear after 30 seconds or so but trying to select anything or make any changes results in either huge lag or a hang.

    I have started Outlook in safe mode to rule out any addins and there's nothing in event viewer. Tried a brand new profile.

    I found a message or two through Google with people having the same issue but noone had an answer.

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    Re: Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

    What is the workstation operating system?
    What version of Office 2010; 32 or 64 bit?
    How many users on SBS?
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      Re: Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

      XP 32 bit. We've only 6 or so active users with a couple of extra shared mailboxes however the problem ocurrs even when 1 extra mailbox is added. Ta


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        Re: Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

        Are they large mailboxes?
        How fast is the connection to the SBS?

        Remember only the main mailbox is cached on the client and others are accessed directly.
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          Re: Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

          Not large at all. Infact one of them is pretty much empty as it is used to send out some monitoring emails and they are purged after a few weeks.

          The link is gigabit all round, there are several other computers all around that are accessing the same things. They have no problem with Office 2007, similarly the problem PC has no problem with office 2007.

          It is only Office 2010 that has the problem and I haven't felt like breaking any of the other PCs to test if its a general problem.

          I have seen a couple of other people reporting similar problems during a Google search but none got an answer.

          There's going to be a point where we have to sell Office 2010 instead of 2007 and I don't want to be having to deal with this kind of stuff at customer sites otherwise I'd just stick with 2007!


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            Re: Additional mailboxes cause a go slow/hang

            A small update, the problem goes away if we turn on cached mode - but we only use cached mode for laptops that sync with RPC over HTTPS to avoid all the pitfalls.