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Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

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  • Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

    Either Office 2010 is super stable and nobody is having any problems with it or nobody is bothering to trial it out.

    While I don't have it on a production machine (see, not a total plonker ) I haven't had any issues running it in a VM.
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    Re: Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

    The latter for me, got too many other plates in the air at the moment. Maybe in another month or so if things quiet down.
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      Re: Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

      I have honestly not had any problems with my latest run through. I was having a few problems with it a couple months ago, uninstalled and went back to 2007. Those issues were printing from excel not formatting properly and just super slow performance in outlook

      This time around I downloaded the x64 version and it is super fast and responsive. Excel issues gone.. the only complaint I have about it are the security settings when grabbing excel and word docs off intranet sites. Apparently intranet sites are not trusted.... kind of annoying.

      there are a couple interface bugs, but nothing that hampers my daily work. I have been running the x64 version for about a month and a half now without any show stoppers. The applications has never crashed on me.. which is always a plus.
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        Re: Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

        I think I'm burned out with new stuff at this point in life. I haven't even touched Office 2010. I saw my boss use Outlook 2010 for a few minutes and realized how much new stuff I'll have to learn. We do have software assurance and get a free upgrade to the 2010 suite... just not sure if it's more work to deploy and retrain people than it's worth right now. These are the same people who just went from Office 2000 / XP to 2007 so I think they're not due for an upgrade until about 2015.
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          Re: Boy was I wrong about having this Forum!

          Trying it quietly but no major issues (yet)
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