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How to recover ms word documents with 0kb

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  • How to recover ms word documents with 0kb

    Kindly help in recovery Microsoft word documents that turn to 0KB size.

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    Re: How to recover ms word documents with 0kb

    Restore it from your backup.


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      There are plenty of free and paid word document recovery apps out there. Try this one [MOD EDIT LINK REMOVED] works on PC and Mac.
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        I need more information in order to help you better.
        Does this issue occur with a specific Word document or all Word documents?
        Are there any error messages when trying to save the Word document?
        Are you able to open, work and save other Office applications like Excel or PowerPoint?

        Provide the required details to assist you.

        This issue may occur due to several reasons. Let us start with opening Word in safe mode. To do that, follow the steps below.
        Hold the Windows key and press R, type winword /safe (note there is a space betweenwinword and /).

        If the application works fine safe mode, try disabling the add ins for the application and check the result.
        Click the File tab.
        Go to Options.
        Click Add-ins.
        Clear all the options.

        If the issue persists, then perform quick repair following the steps from the link below.

        You may also follow the steps from the link below and check if it helps.

        Hope the suggestions provided are helpful.

        Thank you.