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Office 07 reinstall

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  • Office 07 reinstall

    I have a few machines they are being upgraded from Win XP-32 to Win 7-64. First one went great till I started to re-install Office 07 Basic. Way back when we ordered it the supplier normally didn't add extra software so I had to ask for them to install it. Not sure of they did OEM or retail and just charged us. I did get an official card with the product key on it. During the re-install when it prompted for the key, I typed it exactly off the card and it said that it's not valid. I have 4 other machines that were purchased about the same time with the same setup. Using prodkey I checked the keys for the other machines and they all match their respective cards. I'm in the process of getting a hold of someone at the supplier, hard now because they no longer make their own machines anymore. They dropped the hardware and are a software reseller now. I'm hesitant to start on another machine until I can figure this out. Any ideas while I wait for the supplier.


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    Re: Office 07 reinstall

    it sounds like the product key doesn't match the actual installation type you're doing.

    best thing i could suggest would be to ask them which version - you might need to download a certain version.. unless they gave it to you on a cd?
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      Re: Office 07 reinstall

      We had a VLK for Office 2007 where I was working and a second VLK was issued which wouldn't work with the first set of media. Maybe you have a similar problem.
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