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insert vector image in Word 2007

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  • insert vector image in Word 2007

    We want to insert parts from a CAD drawing and paste it into a Word document. At this moment we make a HPGL / 2 plot file (from the parts that we want) and convert it to a WMF file. This WMF image is inserted to the Word document. In Word 2003 it worked perfectly.

    If the image is 5 inches wide, we get only 2 inches in Word to see. If we then select the image and then click the right mouse button, select "Edit Image". Then the image will be 5 inches wide. The disadvantage is that all lines in the image can be selected now, so chances are possible and that gives the possibility of errors.

    What should we do to get a good picture in Word, so that we still are able to easily crop and resize the image.

    ps JPG images are not an option because they don't have enough details.

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    Re: insert vector image in Word 2007

    Already resolved