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Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007

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  • Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007

    Hi all,
    Does anybody knows of a way to limit Outlook from sending attachments larger than, lets say, 20Mb?

    I'm not using Exchange Server, i'm using a postfix mail server and what i need is that the message doesnt leave my outbox, instead tells me before start sending the message. It's an issue of bandwidth usage inside my network.

    I read somewhere else that i can add a registry key to limit that, but that didnt work for me:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\*Software\*Microsoft\*Office\*14 .0\*Outlook\*\Preferences\
    Create a DWORD called
    MaximumAttachmentSize and inside specify the value for the attachment size,

    So, if anyone knows of a way to specify this setting in Outlook, thanks yo so much!

    Happy black friday

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    Re: Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007

    According to Microsoft there are no limits in Outlook 2007 but it will depend on your mailserver:

    What is the exact message you get (post a screenshot if you can)

    Probably worth having a discussion with your administrator

    Also, think about Zipping/RARing your attachment into say 10Mb chunks
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      Re: Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007


      What happens is this: A client with outlook sends an email of over 100mb. The message is transmitted from our branch office to the central office. When it is received by the mail server, it gets bounced back because the message is too big.

      But the problem is that a lot of bandwidth was already being wasted.

      I know that Exchange can deny the message beforehand, but this is not the case since I'm using a Postfix mail server.

      So the question is, how can i establish the size limit in the client (outloook), but not in the server (i believe this server does not offer that option before the transmission of the message).

      Hope i explain it ok,



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        Re: Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007

        Does the Outlook client connect to a local mail server? I would have thought that you set this limit on the Postfix mailserver. Google shows the way to do this. I would have thought that the server wouldn't then accept the email if it is too large. However, I don't know Postfix mail server.


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          Re: Attachment Size Limit in Office 2007

          I recognise what your problem is now you've told us some more.

          It sounds like your solution might be to install another postfix server at the branch office, and make it limit the email size, as Outlook itself isn't capable of doing this.
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