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the name on the security certificate is invalid outlook

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  • the name on the security certificate is invalid outlook


    I came across an interesting problem that threw me off for 24 hours.

    For some reason, I had been getting this error message on my clients.

    "the name on the security certificate is invalid outlook" This is displayed on a dialogue box, 2 green ticks and the last being red. With the option for yes / no

    Through researching on the internet, this issue was mainly applicable for new installations, new certificates and so on.

    This was not the case for me, as I had implemented this installation 7 months ago.

    My initial thoughts where windows updates, as the night before I had implemented them and in the morning, these issues occurred.

    Anyhow, it turned out to be my proxy settings!! I had updated our web filtering platform, on the previous product I didn't need to have the local mail server on the exclusion list, once I added it on, it was fine. Outlook 2007 uses the following to authenticate the server


    This is why I did not understand the error message, as I had the mail server within the UCC certificate.

    In hindsight, the error message did not help

    Hope this makes sense.