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Office 2007 Save As Issue

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  • Office 2007 Save As Issue

    I am posting this thread not as a question needing solution but to share my solution for this issue which took me a long time to solve not being able to find the solution on this site or any other forums around. But chose to add the solution to Petri as a contribution as payment for the many solutions i have got from these forums.

    The Issue was in Office 2007 on XP SP2/3 workstations on 2003 server. When a user would attempt to 'save as' Office would have a error and need to close then reopen to recover the document. But could sometimes 'save' changes to an existing file.

    At first thought the problem could have been in mapped network drives, but this would only be an issue if it was a disconnected drive but not a problem a workable drive. Other sites suggested an issue in reg settings not matching that of the server, "requiressecurtiysignat' but that was not so. Other sites suggested firewall settings, and Microsoft had no solution.

    The issue i found was that office default saving location was the desktop which i had redirected to the users homefolder in a network share. But for a user with out desktop redirection Save As would work. The solution was a simple setting in security permission on the network share. Normally i would not have read access to the share itself but full access to the user homefolder within the share. This normally gave no issue to access in My Computer. But office to access the homefolder would try to go through the Sharefolder to reach it which of course would be denied acccess causing the malfunction in Office making it not respond and close. Simply giving read/list access to the share folder as well solved the problem.