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Unusual Excel Issue

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  • Unusual Excel Issue

    Hey guys,

    I have been experiencing an unusual Excel 2007 SP2 issue as of late. When I doubleclick an Excel file to open it, Excel opens up but not the workbook. However, when I minimize or maximize(restore) the window it workbook loads right away. I have tried numerous fixes that were on internet (i.e.: setting to ignore application, unreg and regserver, installed all the latest updates, and ran a Microsoft Diagnostics). Subsequently, none of the solutions worked. I was wondering, has anyone else seen this issue before. Also, when I open it any other way than left clicking on the file, it works fine (i.e.: recent documents, open document, etc).

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    Re: Unusual Excel Issue

    Does this problem affect just you or every user of this computer?

    If you're on a domain with a roaming profile, does this problem follow you to other computers, or only affect this one?
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