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Hebrew in outlook 2007

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  • Hebrew in outlook 2007

    Hello all,

    I have recently installed office 2007. (this original installation worked properly on several computers)
    After a few days outlook started a bizarre thing:

    In any mail (new, replay or forward) it is almost impossible to write in Hebrew!!!
    After every few letters the writing freezes. only after several enters or presses on the "," key does this end and lets you write a few more letter. This repeats itself every few letters.
    This is very very very frustrating.

    I have tries to uninstall and reinstall the program, go into safe mode, uncheck every add-ins in outlook, update office to the latest version, delete the registry and let office try to build it up again - nothing works!

    In English there is no problem, only in Hebrew.

    Any information will be most appreciated.


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    Re: Hebrew in outlook 2007

    Hi all,

    Same thing happened to me too.
    I have a Lenovo T61 thinkpad, Vista (fully updated) and office 2007.

    I am very frustrated by this too, and our IT are quite confused by it.

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      Re: Hebrew in outlook 2007

      I have the same issues but with a Dell latitude D430 laptop.
      The problem can be seen only in outlook 2007, after writing 2-3 words in hebrew.
      On other writing software problem does not happen (for example; word2007, notepad, etc).
      A workaround we are currently using, is to write the hebrew part in word, and copy/paste it into outlook. But this workaround is far from being an acceptable solution.


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        Re: Hebrew in outlook 2007

        Strange. I did not see this myself, but I will look around and even ask some of the guys here. I hope I'll get an answer.

        Daniel Petri
        Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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          Re: Hebrew in outlook 2007

          Update: We have discovered the problem does not happen when starting outlook in safe mode ("outlook.exe /safe").
          I have compared the add-ins running while in safe or regular outlook modes, and found no difference. So i guess this is something else i am not aware of.
          Does anyone know what else is not loading while running in safe mode?


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            Re: Hebrew in outlook 2007

            According to microsoft support we should try the following first:
            (this article is in hebrew, but can be understand by the screenshots).

            I will try it and post status.

            UPDATE: The link from Microsoft solves the problem!
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