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SharePoint, InfoPath, Both, or Neither?

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  • SharePoint, InfoPath, Both, or Neither?

    I have been onto several sites, and I still have not located the answer I am looking for.
    I have an idea drawn out on paper to create a SharePoint Helpdesk. I have several forms that would be used, and on the MAIN form there will be a drop-down menu for the user to select which type of Helpdesk Request they would like to submit. After the selection, a form will display under the area based on their selection. For Example: if the user selects "General Question", a form will display with a text box for the user to enter their question. If the user selects, "File Restore" a form will display for them to enter the server name, folder location, file name, etc...

    My question is, should I continue my attempt to create this with InfoPath 2K7, or stick to SharePoint and SharePoint Designer? OR - Is there another idea that could/would be shared with me?

    I know what I would like to do on paper, but I am not sure how I need to pursue my adventure. If anyone would like to provide their advice, I will sure listen to it. I am up for Ideas.

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    Re: SharePoint, InfoPath, Both, or Neither?

    I have created a basic helpdesk using WSS 3 (free edition) and using one of the Fab 40 templates for a helpdesk.

    Basic but was enough for my use and to allow me to concentrate on more pressing matters.


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      Re: SharePoint, InfoPath, Both, or Neither?

      I actually have the FAB 40 installed onto my SP server, I worked with the SP HD template the past few days, and have located some posts that have assisted me in getting the "template" to work as a backup plan for me if I cannot get the Helpdesk utility the way I would like it. We currently have a work order system, but it is designed in Lotus Notes, and we are getting rid of lotus notes 2nd or 3rd quarter.

      I have spoken to several users, and management, and they would like to see the work order system to remain similar as it is now. (But I have simplified it more "on paper anyways")



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        Re: SharePoint, InfoPath, Both, or Neither?

        I see. I just used the instructions that come with the template download. It doesn't require any special configuration as default and is useful as a quick way to allocate jobs and allow people to book them.

        In the past, I have used an Open Source helpdesk called Liberum.

        You can create a history, get email notifications, integrate accounts via AD.

        Worth a look. When downloaded, it comes with instructions for implementing it.