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Word 2007 Linking to bookmark problem

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  • Word 2007 Linking to bookmark problem

    This post is related to thread number 8249.

    I am trying to link a hyperlink in a webpage to a bookmark in a word 2007 document. Basically all we have to do is put this code "test.docx#bookmark_name"

    But it just doesn't seem to work, it always takes me to the beginning of the word document. Although the bookmarks are working fine when i try "go to" bookmark option inside the word 2007 document.

    However when i create a document using Word 2003
    and do the same steps as i did in word 2007 it seems to work just fine, the webpage takes me directly to the bookmark in the word document as specified in the hyperlink.

    So what could be the issue about the links not directly going to the bookmarks in the word 2007 document? Maybe there is some kind of a setting i might have to enable in word 2007 or maybe i might have to update the software. Can someone help me on this one?
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    Re: Word 2007 Linking to bookmark problem

    If you would care to search Google, you will see several results suggesting that this is not supported in Word 2007. Use Word 2003 or PDFs?
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      Re: Word 2007 Linking to bookmark problem

      You can create your document in Word 2007, but save it as an 2003/xp document. The problem lies in the XML format of the Office 2007 documents (the new .docx extension).

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