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PowerPoint slideshow issue

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  • PowerPoint slideshow issue

    I just installed an nVidia GeForce 8800GTX gfx card and now when trying to view my slide show presentations in PP2007, the image is broken up and at an odd resolution. The main editor window displays fine and I have no other issues. Is it possible that the driver update from MS has messed things up? As I originally was running the 8800 on nVidia's own drivers downloaded from their site. I hadnt tried PP between driver installations though so I dont know if the original one was any better.


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    Re: PowerPoint slideshow issue

    Roll back the video driver from within Device Manager and see if it does fix it.
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      Re: PowerPoint slideshow issue

      I was in the process of doin that when you replied. It didnt fix it. Its definately not an office software issue as when i plug the monitor back into the onboard SIS adapter it displays fine.


      Meh. I needed to do a slideshow so swapped my 8800 over to my quadro fx1500 temporarily. May just leave it like this and use the 8800 for a new dedicated games machine.
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