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    We have installed a Citrix Server 4.5 With hotfix rollup 1

    Lately i installed Office 2007.

    We had the following problem also in Office 2003

    Whenever a user sends or forward a e-mail with HTML Mail Format than outlook crashes. I have to kill hte outlook.exe process however the mail is send.

    If i login as an administrator and try it again than it works, os i think it has something to do with rights but i cannot figure out what..

    Maybe someone experienced it before?

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    Re: HTML Mail Format

    I have a little more info.

    It works if i log on to the console straigth away.


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      Re: HTML Mail Format

      With some (read a lot of) efford i reverted back to office 2003.

      Now the problem has gone away for 80%.

      Only a small hickup remains.

      When i receive a HTML E-mail the embedded pictures or not downloaded, they stay blank.

      But if i do a forward than the pictures show up