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Hebrew Encoding problem in Outlook 2007

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  • Hebrew Encoding problem in Outlook 2007

    Hi all.

    I have installed Outlook 2007 (fully hebrew)

    I have a mail account of the university I attend.
    I've configured this accout as a pop3 account in outlook.

    Some of the messeges I receive to this account are from a forum site of the university.
    All the messeges arriving from this forum are in hebrew.
    My Problem is that I Receive all these messeges in "Gibrish". for example:
    " לחכות לי ועזבו " (I hope it pasted ok...)

    Both the subject & the body is in "Gibrish" and only it's hebrew parts.

    In addition, I'm getting other hebrew messeges to this account and those are received fine.

    So... I think that the encoding that the forum uses is problematic (but I can't have them change it, of course...)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Hebrew Encoding problem in Outlook 2007

    You did not post a question.

    I would check your email on their webmail site to see if the same messages there are screwed up.

    If the forum does indeed encode the forums wrong, then like you suggested, the forum staff would have to fix it.
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