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The old "this document is already open" message gone

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  • The old "this document is already open" message gone

    Hello all! I am on the hunt for what seems to be a missing feature of Office 2007. We just migrated from Office 2003. We have shared files on our workgroup (not domain). It used to be when one user had a document open and another person tried to open it, they got a message "this document is already open. would you like to open a read only copy?" or something like that. It seems that this feature is missing from Office 2007.

    Now, when someone has a document open, and another user tries to open it, it does. and they can both work in it and save changes at the same time. This is unacceptable for our purposes. We have spreadsheets that have monetary information put in, and we can't have two people possibly doubling up these entries.

    Any ideas on how to get this feature back? I have been online with tech support for hours on this with no resolution yet.

    Thanks for all your input.