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Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

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  • Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

    I'm running Vista Business with Outlook 2007 (latest update installed).

    After about a week of operation of the newly updated Outlook 2007, I suddenly found that whenever I tried to view an e-mail message by double clicking on it, or by opening the reading pane, Outlook stopped operating. It produced an error message and shut down.

    (I think the problem began to happen right after I re-booted after receiving the regular Microsoft Vista updates on this past Wednesday. There were five of them (Vista updates) that were installed upon rebooting. This factor may be unrelated to the problem.)

    The continuing failure to view an e-mail happens with any message (and I've tried hundreds by now) so the problem isn't related to a specific, badly behaving e-mail message.

    All other functions of Outlook continue to operate normally. E-mail comes in and goes out. I can compose messages normally. I can move messages to various folders. Rules and alerts work. Archiving works.

    I can also reply and forward e-mail normally. In fact, this is now the only way I can read my e-mail. I 'reply' to it and then read it in the newly opened message! Obviously, this is extremely awkward.

    I have now disabled all Outlook add-ins except for the indexer.

    Starting Outlook in SAFE mode doesn't make any difference.

    There are more details I can provide if anyone can try to help me.

    I've taken many, many more steps over the past week and can outline them. I won't list them here so as to keep my problem statement brief.

    Thank you very much for any advice anyone can offer. This problem is ruining my enjoyment of e-mail!

    Patrick in Australia

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    Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

    Hello Patrick,

    I work for a computer company and I have been experiencing the same problem with a client for the last 3 weeks. I had taken all of the steps that you have mentioned to include: updating windows, office updates, uninstalling and reinstalling, repairing, running virus and anti-spyware, etc.

    My symptoms were somewhat the same, Outlook would crash frequently when it was first installed, eventually you couldn't read any mail without it crashing. If you dig into the crash reports Office tries to send, it will tell you that it has a faulting module mscvr80.dll.

    Of course, the errors in the event log were very generic and all they say is that it crashed. As you mentioned, the reading panel may show up as a disabled item as a result of the crashes, but that is not actually indicative of the issue, just a side effect of the crash.

    This problem appears to have been created on this particular machine by the Symantec Antivirus 10.1 Exchange client extension. Workstation had Symantec Antivirus Corporate version

    I disabled this by going to: Tools................Trust Center..............Add-ins...........Manage...........Exchange Client Extensions

    If I have time, I'll update this client to and see if the issue re-occurs. I have a feeling it may not, as I have installed this client on other workstations with current antivirus.

    Hope it helps, good luck!!



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      Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!


      I have again confirmed that it was a Symantec issue with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

      First, I disabled the Exchange client extension.
      Afterwards I uninstalled Symantec, rebooted, and reinstalled the exact same version (didn't have a new one handy yet)
      Re-enabled the Exchange client extension in Outlook and VOILA,

      Everything magically works beautifully now. A good guess would be that Office install conflicts with the Symantec version of a shared file.

      Refer to my previous post for how to find the client extension box in Outlook.



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        Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

        Hi Keith

        Sorry I missed your two previous messages in this forum. Thanks very much for your detailed advice. (I'm following four different forums in my attempts to come up with a solution.)

        I don't have any Symantec products installed on this machine, and had already long ago disabled all ordinary Outllook 2007 add-ins. However, I hadn't checked up on the Exchange Client Extension items you mentioned, so this evening tried disabling all of them, including the AVG extension.

        Unfortunately, this didn't help solve the problem. I got quite excited for a minute there!

        Two other people have been in touch with me after exeriencing this exact same Reading Pane Outlook problem, and one seems (at least as of today) to have solved the problem by doing a *complete* Office 2007 re-install (which I also tried some days ago). However, he edited his Vista registry to 100% remove all previous Office Outlook configuration details. He believes that my re-install failed to fix the symptoms because my Outlook retained all or part of its configuration information in the Vista registry.

        His theory makes a lot of sense to me so I'm planning to try his approach over the weekend and will report on results here.

        Thanks again, very much, for your feedback!

        Patrick in Australia


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          Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

          I too have just had same problem occurring with Outlook 2007 since this morning. It was all working fine when I closed down my PC last night, and I had not installed any new software or updates since. I can forward or reply to messages, but if I try to view them in the reading pane, Outlook immediately says it has stopped working and restarts. It opens without the reading pane enabled, but if I double-click a message to read it, it again crashes.

          I have spent all morning on the phone with Dell Support but they have been unable to fix it. I have tried disabling all Outlook add-ins. have tried repairing Office 2007, and lastly completely uninstalled Ofiice 2007, rebooted, and re-installed Office 2007 - but on opening Outlook I still have the same problem.

          This is very frustrating, and on searching Google and the Microsoft Knowlegebase this is the ONLY thread I have come across that refers to this problem. I don't have Exchange or any Symantec products installed.

          Are any of you able to update me on this issue or suggest a solution. I'm desparate


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            Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

            Just to update anyone who may be interested. I've resolved my Outlook 2007 problem when reading/viewing messages. Creating a brand new Outlook mail profile and then moving all my messages from the old profile to the new one appears to have resolved the problem. Actually, before I could try this myself, Dell Software support contacted me to try to help solve the problem and after trying a few other ways to fix it, they took me through setting up a new mail profile.

            Not as quick a fix as I'd have liked, as I am having to spend ages copying over the contents of all my old mail folders into the new profile (I've a LOT of saved mail with a PST file over 2Gb in size!) but I'm certainly glad to have resolved the problem at last.

            To clarify, once you create a new Outlook profile, you need to open Outlook in that profile and then add your original data (PST) file/s to the ones that display in the new profile. For the default Inbox and Sent mail folders in the new profile's folders, you'll then need to go to the equivalent folder in your old data's set of folders, select ALL of the contained messages, and paste them into the corresponding folders in your new profile's data.

            For Calendar, and Task items this can be a bit more tricky as you need to set your old folders containing these to a view that allows you to easily select ALL items to be copied. Otheriwse you can end up with two calendars and sets of tasks which gets very messy.

            For any other customised folders you have in your old profile, you can just click on the folder and choose the right-click option to either Move or Copy that whole folder to your new profile's folder list.

            As I said, I'd have preferred to have found a quicker fix that for example just involved replacing a windows/outlook system file, but at the end of the day I'm just glad to have found a solution that (one week in - fingers crossed!!) appears to have resolved this bug.


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              Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

              Reading this page, I found an important ALTERNATIVE solution!

              In my case, the crashing reading pane was caused by Norton Anti Virus. Each time I would open an e-mail or other office document, the first time loading could last well over 20 minutes...

              I had uninstalled Nortin incorrectly, using the Windows Vista Add/remove software tool.

              APPARENTLY, you need to remove Norton software with their own NORTON REMOVAL TOOL. After running that removal tool, all was fine again - no more crashing/extreme slow loading.

              Hope this helps some people!


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                Re: Outlook 2007 Reading Pane Crash Problem -- Help!

                Well done, Mathijs

                The Norton Virus strikes yet again
                Tom Jones
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