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Very Slow Fibre Broadband

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  • Very Slow Fibre Broadband

    I naturally complained to my Fibre Broadband provider EE that my speed has been gradually falling over the past few weeks from 16 Mbps on a 32 maximum package to merely 2.5 Mbps today. They replied below:-

    We are unable to determine the sync speed of your connection at present. This could be due to an issue with intermittent sync. I request you to
    perform the following checks to increase the speed of your connection:

    >Check the Landline for a dial tone
    >Connect the router to the test socket(this is accessible by uncovering
    the master BT phone socket and will disable any extension sockets in the
    >Change the ADSL filter(the white box plugged into the socket)
    >Unplug any extension cables and sky boxes or fax machines connected to
    the filter

    I am baffled why they were unable to test the speed as I have no trouble checking the speed using 3 different sites such as UK BT. So what is an intermittent sync ?
    I removed all my phones and then tried only one extension line to the main BT box, and a different filter, but I still got only around 2.5 Mbps

    Any suggestions please. I do use a Lplate I could remove, but why would that cause problems now if has not down so before?


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    Re: Very Slow Fibre Broadband

    You can check the speed because you are on a computer on the physical connection

    They rely on information at the Exchange, and are effectively admitting there is a problem

    Have you gone to the master socket - one of the phone sockets will have a two piece front cover which you can unscrew and access a hidden socket:
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      Re: Very Slow Fibre Broadband

      I am on BT FTTC, so I don't know if EE do things exactly the same way. However, given that BT Openreach is the backend provider in both cases, EE support are telling you nonsense as regards troubleshooting steps. That looks like a generic ADSL message, not applicable to VDSL to me.

      The Master socket is not applicable as BT Openreach install a new faceplate with an RJ11 socket dedicated to the BT Openreach modem, instead of the old ADSL splitter with a BT socket and an RJ11 socket. FTTC/P on BT Openreach uses VDSL, not ADSL. Micro filters are not required and in fact should be removed where fitted with VDSL as they may cause speed issues. The required filtering is built into the new scoket and seperate micro filters are not required on every socket/device throughout the home.

      Source, including a picture of the new faceplate:-
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        Re: Very Slow Fibre Broadband

        Thanks. I had a word on the phone with a helpful guy at BT about transferring to BT if EE do not sort the problem out by the end of next week. But it also relies on how long BT engineers take to repair the fault even if EE bother to tell them.

        You will notice the email from EE does not actually admit there is a fault at the BT Exchange and that they are contacting BT. That is why EE were not able to check the speed like I can, I understand.

        Also I am still under contract with EE so if I do change to BT I presume there is a chance EE will try to fine me. If so I may contact Trading Standards claiming EE are not abiding by their part in providing me with a satisfactory Fast Fibre Broadband for several weeks. The present speed is 2.14 Mbps down from 16


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          Re: Very Slow Fibre Broadband

          I've long said, and recommended to customers, that if you are going to use a large ISP (and businesses tend to, indeed are often required to) then BT is the one to choose. It's not that their service is better or cheaper, but if something goes wrong then you don't get the merry-go-round that everyone else puts you on. Talk-Talk in particular (IME) are terrible for blaming BT Openreach for everything but stop short of doing anything about it. With BT at least you are dealing with a single customer effectively and they can't blame anyone else.
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            Re: Very Slow Fibre Broadband

            I completely agree. Living in ' Windy ' Hastings I have suffered a lot of problems with my phone over the years. This resulted in the BT Engineers having to clamber up poles in this road to repair boxes, or a such as visit a sub exchange.

            But for years when I was first with Orange who took over Wanadoo I continued to pay BT for the Landline and Orange for Broadband. Though I did have to complain to Ofcom of BT agents often pestering me to transfer to BT Broadband.

            But eventually when I upgraded my packages with Orange and now EE I allowed them to handle the landline. So now apart from their Help line seems to be always very busy, even waiting some 3 days for an answer by email, I never know if or when they are prepared to contact BT regarding line faults.

            Presumably EE etc have to pay BT to correct line faults.