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Firewall for small office

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  • Firewall for small office

    I'm after a recommendation for a hardware firewall for our office.

    We currently have a really old Cisco Pix 515 which as served us well over the years but has the following problems.

    It's very old
    No one here knows enough about Cisco to do anything with it. We can sometime muddle our way through but don't know if what we are doing is right.
    It's never patched or updated because of the above
    It's not configured to provide any logging, so we cannot identify any attacks or network issues.
    It has a setting on there (so we were told years ago by someone who knew a bit about it) that means the GUI cannot be used.

    What we want to replace it with is:

    something easy to configure, maintain and monitor.
    VPN with capacity for 10 users, although it's only (lightly) used by 2 or 3 at any one time.
    We only have 10 internal users and aren't heavily reliant on internet access.
    We do have a DMZ with a couple of application servers on it, so this would need supporting
    I notice that a lot of firewalls now have anti virus, malware and anti spam features. Our email is hosted offsite so I'm not sure how relevant the anti spam stuff would be. I'm not sure how well anti virus and malware would work on top of what we already have in place with anti virus and malware installed on desktop and servers.
    Biggest thing is budget. I may be able to get away with spending between 300 and 500 but nothing much above that.

    Any help with different options available to use would be appreciated

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    Re: Firewall for small office

    I like Watchguard XTM devices, which are around your price range.

    They've recently changed the GUI so it's HTML5 and not Flash. Easy to configure, 5 VPN clients for free, guest WiFi, up to 5 LAN ports for DMZs etc. If you don't need WiFi there are cheaper ones without it too.

    Plus management often love (and I'm not joking here, had loads of comments about them!) the fact that they are bright red
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      Re: Firewall for small office

      Another to throw in the mix is the Dell SonicWALL TZ series.

      Not sure in pricing in the UK though.


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        Re: Firewall for small office

        Fortigates ?
        It depends on what kind of wan you're interfacing with as well
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          Re: Firewall for small office

          Thanks for the replies so far

          I have looked at the Dell SonicWALL TZ before and the standard price seems to be in our price range, but an upgrade from 2 to 10 VPN users pushes it up a few hundred quid.

          I'm yet to check out the Watchguards but will be doing so sometime next week.

          Originally posted by tehcamel View Post
          Fortigates ?
          It depends on what kind of wan you're interfacing with as well
          The outside interface of our current Firewall connects out to an ADSL router