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VLAN Configuration using 3com 4500G Switch

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  • VLAN Configuration using 3com 4500G Switch

    I'm working on trying to configure a VLAN using a 3com 4500G Switch. I'm able to log into the management console. I go to Device-VLAN. I create VLAN 5 and untag Port 5.
    So, basically all ports are untagged for VLAN 1 (default), except for Port 5 which is untagged for VLAN 5.

    When I plug in my laptop to Port 5, I'm not getting an IP Address. I've used DHCP and set a manual IP Address of 192.168.5.X for VLAN 5. The Gateway is

    I'm new to VLAN configuration, so I'm not sure what I'm missing with the configuration.

    The switch is connected to a Cisco Linksys ES3200.


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    Re: VLAN Configuration using 3com 4500G Switch

    Assuming that your DHCP server is in the 192.168.1.x subnet you'll need to create a DHCP scope for the 192.168.5.x subnet and you'll need to configure routing between the two subnets and you'll need to configure a DHCP relay so that the initial DHCP traffic can get to the DHCP server from VLAN 5.


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      Re: VLAN Configuration using 3com 4500G Switch

      Its been many years since i've touched any 3Com equipment but you should be able to set an ip-helper address and forward DHCP packets to your DHCP server which you can configure with a new scope.

      Copy-paste, after xxx have been changed into needed IP adresses:

      dhcp-server 1 ip (ip adress dhcp server in vlan 1000

      interface Vlan-interface100
      ip address
      dhcp-server 1

      interface Vlan-interface200
      ip address
      dhcp-server 1

      That's all