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DHCP packets HP Procurve

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  • DHCP packets HP Procurve


    I have a strange stuation. All the switches are stacked (ten 2610 in two 2610 stacks and two 2910 in one). The stacks are managed by one static IP address (three IP, one for each stack) but I have seen dhcp packets sent by switches of both stack.

    What are the reasons that these switches are sending dhcp packets?
    Is this the default configuration or somebody has set commands on the running-config? In this last case, what are the commands?
    If there would be a DHCP server, they will receive an IP address. This IP would be the second IP for this switch, cuold be managed it by this second IP?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: DHCP packets HP Procurve

    are you sure they aren't forwarding packets? Check the source mac.

    if they are properly stacked, with a stackwise or equivalent cable (as opposed to being trunked using uplink ports) then they should only be accessible/controllable via the cluster master IP address.
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      Re: DHCP packets HP Procurve

      Thanks Techcamel,

      I checked mac addresses and they are from members switches of one stack and this stack has its commander with its static IP.