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    I have never bothered with using Wireless connection to a router since I only use desktop PCs, never a laptop and then expect to be able to go online anywhere in the house. Instead I use Ethernet cables. But I do have a number of dongles one clearly marked as USB 2.0 so I suppose they are all capable of picking up signals from my router only a few feet away.

    Would I need to install the software from each of the CDs supplied with each dongle or is it likely this 64 bit Windows 7 will have inbuilt software to recognise all dongles?

    Is it likely some dongles only work on 32 bit Windows?

    Do I need to unplug the Ethernet cable to the Router to avoid confusion when plugging in a dongle?

    What exactly will the PC ask me to enter when I plug in a Dongle?


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    Re: Wireless Dongles

    The dongle should work with any OS provided you have the correct drivers. Depending on the age, Win7 may have drivers included, but the only way to find out is to try.

    IMHO better to go to the vendors website and download the latest drivers for your OS
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      Re: Wireless Dongles

      if you don't need to use wireless, don't. It's a steaming pile of crap.
      using usb dongles usually makes it a steaming pile of smelly crap.

      however, yes - if you were going to use wireless, you should disconnect the ethernet cable.
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        Re: Wireless Dongles

        I must agree at the risks of using Wireless connections to a router, obviously intended for the many who hate the use of wires to Desktops. I see now many are content to also risk damaging their hearing with the constant use of headphones such as needed with todays tablets, instead of lovely big speakers.

        Having been in involved with Amateur Radio etc such as being the club secretary of for many years I am fully aware Wi-Fi can be monitored by anyone such as with a scanner. It is only a question of decoding the protection installed. I was amazed how the greedy phone companies in the early days of mobile phones were allowed to use analogue transmissions, that anyone could listen in with a simple scanner. Even today with digital transmissions I am sure there are hackers around capable listening in to any mobile calls.