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Force Routing Change on Internet BGP

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  • Force Routing Change on Internet BGP

    Last week my Firewalls a pair of redundant Cisco ASA's went stupid. I could not log into them and had to hit the power switch to reboot them. Now I can not connect to our remote office in India. When I do a trace route it goes 8 hops then stops. From India I can not ping the primary firewall in Canada but I can ping the secondary. I believe what is happening is that a router on the Internet has marked the firewall in Canada as bad and is blocking routing to it. Is there any way to force an update of the routes on the Internet?

    Brooks Campbell

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    Re: Force Routing Change on Internet BGP

    well, at least probably not within your control.
    shut down your secondary ASA and leave it down, maybe the route tabels will update

    otherwise, speak to your network provider - they should be bale to adjust routing within their AS.

    Generally speaking through, I assume both your public IPs are within the same AS.. so it shouldn't matter too much
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