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Duplicate IP Addresses, Same Server

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  • Duplicate IP Addresses, Same Server


    I've just rebuilt a server, to be precise an IBM HS22V blade. I am using the same IP details as before (IP, subnet, gateway).Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

    Now an HS22V blade (at least this one) has 4 NICs so, after renaming them "local area connection 1" (2,3,4) I chose "local area connection 1", renamed it to just "local area connection" and assigned the IP details. I wasn't able to connect.

    Naturally I then removed the IP details (saved the NIC config) and renamed it to "local area connection 1". I then selected "local area connection 2", renamed that to "local area connection" and assigned the IP details to it.

    I get a duplicate IP clash. Even a reboot between removal and reapplication doesn't solve it.

    I have done this on other machines without issue so does anyone know why it happens and, more to the point, how I can stop it? Is it somehow caching the IP details?

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    Re: Duplicate IP Addresses, Same Server

    what happens if you allow DHCP to issue the address? will it pull something from your scope?

    do you have access to the DHCP server? it might be helpful to create a reservation with the address you would like to use...

    choose one card. make a note of the MAC address (cmd prompt-> GETMAC)...

    create a reservation and plug in the network cable to the proper adapter and see what "ipconfig /all" tells you.

    if you were able to get the DHCP issued address to work, great. if not, post back with some more details...

    weird access policy?
    physically bad or improperly configured managed-switch?
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