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  • Website monitoring tools

    Is there any server monitoring software somebody can recommend to me for Windows? I'm pretty new at this sort of stuff.
    I have been using this monitoring software from a site called Monitance for my home set up and it works well so far. It's really easy to use and set up. I like that they send me an email or text message if something were to happen to my website. I wanted some other opinions before I decide to upgrade from the free version.

    Anyone else have any feedback about monitoring software?


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    Re: Website monitoring tools

    what are you wanting to monitor, particularly ?
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      Re: Website monitoring tools

      As far as I understand you want to monitor servers. Try the software called Anturis to monitor the servers. As you have never dealt with any monitoring solutions, it is going to be Ok with you as it is very simple and cloud-based one what simplifies the work a lot.