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    Is it possible for a site such as a forum to make it difficult to access the site once you log in, presumably because you are not really welcome?

    When I visit the site it displays almost instantly like this one. But once I log in and opt to stay logged in it can take several minutes to display each time, and change any pages.

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    Re: Unwelcome Visitor

    I don't think so.

    Some forums are slow. There are two forums I visit on a regular basis. Both have a very small membership - less than 500 members, and there are less than 20 active members. Both sites can take ages to post responses, display threads etc., but they always eventually do so. I just have to be patient.
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      Re: Unwelcome Visitor

      well.. if you think it's related to a person's username, have tha tperson create a new username ?
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