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  • Cisco and Fax

    I have satellite internet and I want a hardware or a Cisco transcoder that allows me to send and receive faxes using the satellite internet
    Is there such equipment at Cisco

    thank you

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    Re: Cisco and Fax

    You can certainly send and receive faxes over an IP network, but will need to access a gateway connecting the IP network to the regular telephone network. You could set up such a gateway yourself, or subscribe to a SIP-based Internet fax service.

    At your end of the connection, you will need software or hardware that support the T.38 fax-over-IP standard. While it is technically possible to transmit fax data over a plain G.711 IP connection (regular, uncompressed VoIP), I seriously doubt it could be done over a satellite connection due to delay and bandwidth restrictions, so T.38 is a must.

    Since you specifically mentioned Cisco, I assume we're talking about hardware. The ATA 187 works with any equipment capable of interfacing with a regular, analog telephone line, and it supports T.38. I've used its predecessor, the ATA 186, to send and receive faxes over IP networks using SIP and SCCP.