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Two routers - one wireless

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  • Two routers - one wireless

    I'm trying to get both of my Wireless Routers to act as a single network. One of the issues I have is some items looking for a dedicated SSID.

    The whole point of this is to have seemless Wi-Fi around the house.

    I'm using a Draytek 2760 (default gateway and dhcp) and 2920 (connection only)

    I've tried configuring both with the same name/security but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Any thoughts/ideas?


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    Re: Two routers - one wireless

    the routers with need to be aware they are operating in tandem balancing the traffic and load or there needs to be a controller of some type to make that decision and negotiate the traffic.

    just creating the same ssid will not accomplish that. the client will basically swap one lease for the other when moving from one zone to the other, but that doesnt really preserve the connection in a useful manner.

    if the firmware will allow it, you can create mesh systems by including the MAC or address of the other device and designating one as the master and the other as a node or something similar.

    this really depends on the equipment. your milage may vary.
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      Re: Two routers - one wireless


      Hear what you're saying but it's not because I'm wanting to load balance, more so when I connect it doesn't matter which one it connects to if I switch a portable item off.

      The items in the Living Room will always connect to that, same with the static items in the Main area.

      Also, I have a unit that has to be setup against an SSID, when I'm connected to another AP it doesn't see it, hence using the same name SSID on both, I was hoping to achieve what I wanted.

      I'm thinking there's more going on that just SSID/authentication


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        Re: Two routers - one wireless

        When a client switches from one AP to another with the same SSID and security settings, it may not request a new IP address. After all, it believes it's (re)connecting to the same network.

        If you configure one router as an AP (no DHCP service, nothing connected to the "WAN" port), it should work.