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    Sorry to bother you guys, however i am student in my last year at university studying computer networking, for my final project i have decided to work on monitoring a networks hardware. Will build the network on Vmware and use the Nagios plug to get censor feedback..

    To my suprise my lecture told me that it was a good final project but problem is would only take me a couple of weeks to complete as i need to work on it for 7 months.

    Please can you give me pointers on how i can enhance this idea. what should i work on.

    What problems in network monitoring can i look for and then try to implement a solution for it?

    Many Thanks

    Mr Barlow

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    Re: Network Monitoring

    how much time is your project expected to take, when you say 7 months?

    to really get a fully setup and operable nagios (or most any NMS solution) can take a huge amount of time, dependent on what you're monitoring and how you want it configured.

    things like servicegroups, dependencies, not having it tell you that 5 servesr behind a router have fallen over if it';s just the router.

    However - here's a suggestion.
    As an expansion on this, instead of Nagios, look at Labtech, N-able, Naverisk or Kaseya. They all cost, but if you wer to explain to the software provider you're doing it for a uni course, they might be friendly.

    the reason I'm suggesting this is - not only do they monitor, but you can train/teach the NMS to actually RESPOND to alerts.
    For instance - it can tell you about low disk space on a C: Drive, then it can run a report and send you a diskusage output, or it can run a script and clean up temp folders and things like that. You're not only detecting the problem, but resolving it as well.

    this might be a better option because it shows not only an understanding of the systems and what you need to monitor for best performance, but also an ability to fix issues..
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      Re: Network Monitoring

      In addition (and your lecturer has probably suggested this) you could do a survey of available options, pros and cons of each, and come to a validated decision about which one to use, then use it. Most degree projects involve a literature survey of some sort, so adding in a historical view of network monitoring solutions would help bulk things out
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