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External IP question

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  • External IP question


    I'm a bit struck in what to do next. Our internet went off yesterday I rang the isp they said everything was fine they end. So I thought the problem was our network, after 2 hours of messing around I rang the ISP again. They said our subnet **.**.**.**/28,
    during a change request for one of our customers , he has mistakenly advertised it to our core this afternoon causing you loosing you connection.
    We apologize of any inconvenient caused.

    5 mins lately it was working, Has anyone been in the same situation ?

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    Re: External IP question

    sure, user error is always a possibility...

    wrong netmask, incorrect MAC, bad gateway... been there, done that myself.

    for what its worth, you can complain and receive some credits for errors on their part. looks like you have proof, so its worth filling out the paperwork to see what youll get for free... particularly if there is any kinda of QoS agreement or such.
    its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
    Give karma where karma is due...