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Sonicwall VPN and DNS issues

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  • Sonicwall VPN and DNS issues

    Hello everyone,
    I hope i've posted this in the correct thread.

    We have a sonicwall NSA2400 device, we recently updated our DNS server to windows 2008 R2 and a new server. We configured the firewall to see the new DNS server as it's primary server. When we did this, clients connecting over the VPN were unable to resolve IP's by name, and it worked by IP only. I looked at my DNS logs, and didn't see any errors, when i setup the new one i exported all the settings and objects, then once that was done, i went thought the properties of the zones to make sure they copied over as well.

    Any idea's what i can try now? What other tests (aside from nslookup) can I do on my DNS.

    I am hoping someone can help me out, or point me in the right direction

    Thank you for your time.

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    Re: Sonicwall VPN and DNS issues

    Are the VPN clients assigned their DNS servers by the SonicWall or by the VPN server? Do the VPN clients get the new DNS server(s) as their DNS server(s)?

    The SonicWall only needs DNS server(s) configured for two reasons (possibly 3):

    1. The SonicWall itself needs to resolve names.

    2. The SonicWall assigns DNS server(s) to clients (VPN or otherwise).

    3. The SonicWall is configured as the DNS server for clients. - Not recommended for AD clients.


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      Re: Sonicwall VPN and DNS issues

      it is puling it form the Sonicwall device, which forwards the request to our DNS server. It didn't seem to do this with the old one, but it is doing it with the new one. IS there a setting over looked when setting up the new one? I know, for our local zone, everyone has read permission, so it should be able to request an IP from a name and get a proper result. The setting in properties are all teh same on the old server and the new one.


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        Re: Sonicwall VPN and DNS issues

        I'm guessing that the problem is with the VPN setup. On one of the VPN clients can you do an ipconfig /all while connected to the VPN and see what DNS servers its using. Also run nsloolup and try to manually change it to the proper server and do the lookup.

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