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    I have a rather simple request; we would like to purchase a good, low cost (hopefully under $1,000) fiber testing equipment that can test single-mode and multimode fiber cable. Something that shoots a light, perhaps, into a wire tipped with LC or SC connectors?

    Also, is there a low cost one that has the necessary converters, if need be?

    Thank you for your time and suggestions.


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    Re: Best Low Cost Fiber Test EQuipment ...

    In case you don't realise, the expensive part of whatever you buy will be the light source that shines. It has to be calibrated regularly so that the readings you get on the sensing end are valid. Unless you are installing cabling, you should be able to get by with only a light meter-type device.

    What we do is forego the calibrated reading and use a go/no-go indication with fiber. If you get a cable tester that can read copper and fiber, but doesn't come standard with a light source, you can use a running SFP module and fiber patch to verify that at least you have light out of a cable.

    Coming off of an SFP fiber module plugged into a switch, the left-side port as you look at the module is always the transmitter source, so any cable on that side should give you a reading.

    Have a look at what's available from and see if something there meets your needs. I use a kit of their which is above your limit, but it does copper, fiber, telephone and is expandable if need be.
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