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how to add network printer

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  • how to add network printer

    Can someone please advise me how to do the following

    Setup a network printer that is connected by ethernet cable directly into network port, the client is working remotely so I wont be there, how do I find out what IP address the printer has been given. Do they need to print off a config page from the printer then tell me it over the phone, do I then need to reserve that IP address.

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    Re: how to add network printer

    You can check DHCP logs to see if the printer is picking up an address, otherwise get an IP off a config and reserve or exclude the address in DHCP

    (actually, once you have the IP, log into the printers web page and change the IP to something useful)
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      Re: how to add network printer

      How do I get the ip from the printer doing config, the only way I can think of is getting the user to print a config page, if I set a static ip on the printer will that cause any issues on the network or do I have to reserve an IP on the server.



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        Re: how to add network printer

        Normally we have IP's reserverd for printers. As ossian said you will see the new printer (assuming its turned on and has a network connection) in the dhcp console. There you can find its ip/hostname.
        If you can get that then you can browse onto the printer via the web console to configure it i.e and proceed to statically assign details from there.

        Every printer can print a network configuration page, google the make/model for more info.
        If that's not an option, you can use programs like Angry IP Scanner or Advance IP scanner and scan the network range before/after the defvice is turned on and see which ip is new and browse to it again.

        We have an IP Address Database with all our satellite site static IP's listed, when assigning a new one we just ammend the list.

        Then you will either need to add the new printer to the client as a local printer mapped by tcp/ip port, or add it to a print server and have the client browse to it and add it that way.

        The way we usually do it is: - 10 - network devices - 100 - servers, printers, what ever else needs a static ip. - 254 - dhcp range.

        Hope this helps.
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