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Storage Management / Network traffic

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  • Storage Management / Network traffic

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and I have a little knowledge in IT part.
    first of all I want to say sorry for my English.

    So I am Nick Akhalaia and I work in TV Station as technical manager. We are integrating with help of Sony new automated broadcast system from Evertz microstytems LTD. In our news department we will have storage from Evertz, and our non linear editing stations (NLE) working directly from online storage. Our home format is XDCAM HD 422, wrapper is MXF and I am happy with this architecture.

    We have a problem with production section. At this moment they work locally on their machines and we want to centralize and speed up their workflow, number of NLE's are 4. As I was informed from them, they are often working on 5k material about 700 mbit/ps. This is not much but problem is with Adobe premiere software. In working phase premiere has 2,3,4 or more video tracks, if someone is working with three video tracks than traffic is over 3x700 mbit\ps. They also need simultaneous access on same video files. Our IT guys have no idea what can we do.
    Best solution I found is metaSAN software and network architecture from Tiger technology. (Sorry I cant link URL)

    Well this solution is not cheap and I have to be sure if this will work.
    If there is any other option please give me advice.
    Any version will be priceless for me.
    Thank you very much.

    P.S I have not found related thread for my post, as long as my question includes network too I posted here. Sorry if I posted in wrong place.
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    Re: Storage Management / Network traffic

    I've never heard of the Storage System Evertz and I can't find much about it other then this drawing and the data around it.
    Usually I work with NetApp or EMC and such.

    So, what kind of disks are being used in the storage system?
    Is the Ethernet connectivity at 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s?
    Are there any caching mechanisms in the storage system?
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      Re: Storage Management / Network traffic

      Hey thank your for reply

      I know NetApp and Isilon EMC, they are good. But as I said I know how they do work with HD material. We were using, NetApp as proxy server and Isilon for NLE on another job I had. I just have a doubt about 5 k R3D material.

      Evertz is fine, in link you found you can look at specification and get all the answers. Evertz have broadcast automation solution called Mediator, and this storage system is part of it. We are buying enterprise package and it is nice. System is new but already used in USA PBS channel.

      I have no idea what workflow should we make for production. We do want cheaper solution.
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        Re: Storage Management / Network traffic

        So files are on a centralized location that workstations access and their access can be 3x700Mbps or more and they need simultaneous access?

        There's not going to be a cheap way to do this.

        To get this you'll need over 8Gb to the storage and 10Gb NICs ( on the workstations. Note that I don't think a LAG on the workstation side will work since it can only load balance connections and not packets.

        Your current storage connectivity might be fine if you have multiple connections to the arrays and MPIO setup. The real issue is probably getting the bits to the workstations.

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