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Multicast Traffic and VLANs

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  • Multicast Traffic and VLANs

    I need to consolidate three Dell PowerConnect switches down to one. One of the three switches is used to isolate NLB related multicast traffic from the rest of the network. If I create a VLAN on my single switch for the NLB hosts will the multicast traffic cross VLANs? Will the multicast traffic be flooded to all switch ports?

    What I'm looking to do is to create three VLANs:

    1. Front end VLAN for NLB hosts

    2. Back end VLAN for all other hosts

    3. DAG replication VLAN

    My firewall will route traffic between the BE and FE VLANs as necessary and I'm hoping that by creating a VLAN for the NLB traffic that the multicast traffic related to NLB will be confined to this VLAN. Will that be the case?

    In a nutshell: Does multicast traffic cross VLANs?

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    Re: Multicast Traffic and VLANs

    Originally posted by joeqwerty View Post
    In a nutshell: Does multicast traffic cross VLANs?
    Not unless your switch is broken.


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      Re: Multicast Traffic and VLANs

      Agreed. VLANs will isolate the traffic.

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