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Bluetooth and Contact less Bank cards

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  • Bluetooth and Contact less Bank cards

    I wonder just how safe is Bluetooth connected to such as mobiles, Laptops and PCs, also how safe are the Contactless Credit etc cards? It is claimed both need to be very close to the transmitter etc. But if so why is there software available for hacking into Bluetooth, also aluminium screening wallets for the cards? Also why does my bank limit the amount I can purchase with my card to only 20?

    Perhaps with highly sensitive receiving equipment it is possible to access and use the data held by mobiles and PCs etc.

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    Re: Bluetooth and Contact less Bank cards

    Bluetooth can run over 30 feet or more, depending on hardware specs (there isn'currenlty isn't a hard-&-fast spec on requirements). Both ends talk to each other, so each end runs a transmitter. RFID credit/debit cards are substantially different, in that they don't have power sources to drive transmitters. The chips in them can be manipulated by radio waves from a separate device. But this means that someone can walk around with a 'sniffer' program running on a laptop and pick up card info from unshielded cards. That info can then be used to create a clone card, which is then used to purchase goods/services, illegally.

    The British Broadcasting Corp recently (within 6-8 months, I think?) aired a program where someone did exactly that: stole card info, but all on-camera. In each case, the person who's info was hijacked was made aware of what was happening before any fraud was committed. If they agreed, a minor purchase was made to prove the point of how simple it was to collect this type of information. And the use of a metal wallet for the cards did defeat this.

    No doubt someone will come up with a way to beat the metal skin wallet deal, and bluetooth is vulnerable if it's turned on, anyway. You should never leave your bluetooth set to always scan and auto-connect, 'cause that's the simplest method for someone to hack into your device and steal what they find.
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      Re: Bluetooth and Contact less Bank cards

      Thanks I spread it around to friends