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  • Remote Access suggestion please

    Hi All,

    I need help or suggestion configuring better network for remote access from PC 1 to VM 1, VM 2, or VM 3 without login to Server Win 2008 as shown on diagram.

    Current scenario PC 1 is able to remote desktop Server Win 2008 by computer name or IP address ( through firewall (FW 1) and NATing mechanism in Network B. Please note that Server Win 2008 is hosting three Hyper-V machines VM 1, VM 2, and VM 3.

    Is there a better way configuring Network B for PC 1 to remote desktop VM 1, VM 2, or VM 3 without login to Server Win 2008 and adding IP addresses of virtual machines to be mapped?

    Thanks in advance any help and suggestion greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Remote Access suggestion please

    One way would be to change the default RDP port on VM1/2/3 and then configure the firewall for port forwarding which will ensure that you dont have to login to the Host machine to connect to the VM's.