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WINDOWS 7 : SAN aware file system

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  • WINDOWS 7 : SAN aware file system

    Hi Guys !

    I just go a QNAP TS-212 NAS.

    I want to share the same LUN between four windows-7 PCs on my local network (i use windows iscsi-initiator to add it as a hard-drive to each PC).

    Reading on the internet, I understand that it's not possible using NTFS but only with a SAN-aware file system.

    Hence my question -
    I've found only one solution for windows : "dataplow sfs",
    Do you know of any other ? (preferably open-source or "unlimited free trial.." download available.)

    Thanks in advance &
    Best regards !

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    Re: WINDOWS 7 : SAN aware file system

    Our equalogic san's support filtering by ip address if required. We use security groups with ntfs permissions for share access with the iscsi initiator. May want to consult the documentation for that device.
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      Re: WINDOWS 7 : SAN aware file system

      I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve with this.
      Isn't it easier to just use a shares?
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