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A Website & its network structure

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  • A Website & its network structure

    I have some doubts which I have tried to research but I am not sure I can fully understand or maybe I am just learning it wrong.
    Here is the whole case and scenario which I am trying to draw in gliffy

    Let's say this is a hospital website to be built in 3 years. The solution entails a Webportal, they transfer patient information in/out, the operations are connected to other entities or offices, people would be able to access their health information and bills, etc.
    I am trying to build an infrastructure which shows how to connect the webserver, differentiate the layers, how much bandwidth I need (supposing there is a lot of traffic per month/10k people is reasonable?), cables, security, licenses, equipment, software, prices, to integrate the whole solution.
    Can you help me draw how it works and recommend me server brands, routers, in general network capabilities?

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    Re: A Website & its network structure

    Advice here is very simple:

    The scale of such a project, and, of course, the importance of getting it right, means that if you do not already have the skills you will need someone who does.

    A lot of your questions do not have simple answers, for example we do not know where in the world this hospital is located (legal requirements etc), nor things like the type of internet connectivity you have or even the layout of the buildings. Nor do we know the existing IT systems -- presumably this is not a greenfields site.

    A good consultant (and they will not be cheap) will do anything from helping you find the correct questions to ask to project managing the whole environment.

    Of course there is another possibility -- that this is your homework assignment in some IT class (and it has that sort of feel to it). If so, tell us and most members will be happy to point you in the right direction to find out more, but not to do it for you
    Tom Jones
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