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  • vLan general question

    The situation:
    VM with static address 172.x.x.x and running on 172.x.x.x network needs to be transferred to the Hyper-V host that resides on network 10.x.x.x.
    Network 10.x.x.x is vLan1 and communicates with 172.x.x.x.

    The final goal is to make work VM with 172.x.x.x sitting on Host 10.x.x.x.

    Is it doable? The host has 4 cards. So as usually I dedicated 1 card to VMs. In settings of VM's virtual network vLan tag could be assigned.
    I tried it but ...

    I posted the question on this forum and not on Hyper-V because vLan general question for accomplishing the task is higher than hypervisor topic.

    First I want to know if it is doable, and than concentrate on understanding of specifics of Hyper-V vLan

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    Re: vLan general question

    One way to do it would be to configure the physical switch port as a trunk port, trunking the appropriate VLANs, and then set the VLAN ID on the virtual NIC of the VM itself.
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      Re: vLan general question

      It is definitely doable. The host's IP doesn't really matter since the VMs are using a different NIC. In Hyper-V, have you configured the virtual switch to share the NIC with the host OS? If not then we're looking good, if so then you should change that setting since the host should have it's own NIC.

      As for accomplishing your task, Joe's suggestion would be a good option but you do need to make sure the NICs you're using support VLAN tagging (802.1q).

      Another option would be to create another virtual switch in Hyper-V and attach it to one of the unused NICs in the server. You can then simply connect the VM to that vSwitch and connect the NIC to an access port on the proper VLAN.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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