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    Hi All

    We have a situation where our internal domain name is the same as the external. In the past, this has irritated me quite a bit - but it has been working smoothly for some time now. Our 1 and only server is a few drops short of tipping the bucket - so with a new box on the way, I have a chance to re-do my setup.

    Anyone have opinions or advice as to better ways of doing it? For example, company name is XYZ. Company has website hosted elsewhere called Local network domain is also Would it be best to leave it as such and let SBS2011 deal with it, or would it be better to change it - if so, to what? Doing some reading, XYZ.local is not necessarily a home run choice.


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    Re: domain name advice

    Understand that if you decide to change the AD domain name you're probably looking at some work in regards to migrating from the current AD domain to a new AD domain.

    That being said, many companies use a subdomain of their external domain, like


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      Re: domain name advice

      Yeah sub-domain is the way to go. We use In reality you can keep your current structure. Where issues arise is when you are authoritative for say but your website is hosted externally? Its not really an issue as that can be fixed with dns changes and or nat
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        Re: domain name advice

        I think you're looking at building a new domain if you want to do this. Firstly, I'm pretty sure that SBS does not allow domain renaming and secondly even if it did renaming a domain that contains Exchange is unsupported by Microsoft.

        The major hassle comes with an email migration, as you'll have to export everything out to PST then re-import it, and all of the client PCs will have to be disjoined from the old domain and then joined to the new one.
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          Re: domain name advice

          Thanks for the advice & replies. After some thought and discussion with my boss, we're going to go the Swing migration route - purchased a kit already - and leave everything as is.