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RFC 6598 and CGN

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  • RFC 6598 and CGN

    So it looks like the IETF has now given a shared ipv4 address space for IPV6 Carrier Grade NAT transitons. The address space is and will be used only in the service providers network. I assume they did this to avoid any ipv4 addressing conflicts with customers using current RFC 1918 addresses internally. So basically if your ISP uses this new address space what you will see is your router or edge device, instead of getting a public ipv4 address ,you will be issued an address from the above range. (NAT444) Then in the service providers network natted again to a publicly routable ipv4 address. As we know NAT breaks end to end network connectivity between hosts. With normal NAT/PAT we get around this using port forwarding etc.... but with this "double nat" happening and shared address space, you can pretty much forget about hosting anything on your LAN. (Web hosting, vpn, etc...)
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