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VPN (Firewall ) Recommendations Needed (Using Backup Exec 2012)

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  • VPN (Firewall ) Recommendations Needed (Using Backup Exec 2012)

    I am the IT Administrator of a small medical practice. We want to back up from the practice to the doctor’s home for off-site backup, and have a server there, just for this purpose. Currently, between the SQL database, medical images and patient documents, I am attempting to back up around 160GB of data every 24 hours. I am using Symantec Backup Exec 2012 with the compression enabled. And I am finding that our firewalls (Cisco RV042) are the bottlenecks, and can only sustain about 300kb a sec transfer rate. My Internet connections (with same provider) on both sides are 30MB down, and 10MB up. I thought getting Backup Exec 2012 would fix the problem by compressing the backups, but I think it is time to replace the firewalls. Can someone please recommend a hardware solution with throughput for this scenario? I am sure that many of you Symantec Backup Exec users have had experiences like this. Any advice would be much appreciated. Please and thank you.

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    Re: VPN (Firewall ) Recommendations Needed (Using Backup Exec 2012)

    It's probably not the firewalls. you're asking backupExec to backup over a WAN connection (which I've never seen or heard of before) and my guess is that the transferr speed of the backups is due to the overhead of the backup operation. My suggestion would be to use a third party online backup service or to use the BackupExec deduplication option or try their cloud service.


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      Re: VPN (Firewall ) Recommendations Needed (Using Backup Exec 2012)

      Trying to backup 160GB a day over a standard internet connection without any SLA or guarantee of service is always going to end badly. I'm sure it's not your firewalls causing the bottleneck but the connection.

      As Joe suggested using a cloud based backup solution is a better idea, or the de-dup option built-in to Backup Exec. You can seed the de-dup pools with a USB drive so the initial backup doesn't take forever, and then it should just backup changes over the WAN link. We tried BackupExec.Cloud a while back but it was rubbish. Didn't work and their support couldn't tell us why, so I wouldn't recommend it.
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        Re: VPN (Firewall ) Recommendations Needed (Using Backup Exec 2012)

        Yes, its doubtful the firewalls have anything to do with this.
        If you have to back up over a Wan I'd go with Backup Exec.Cloud.

        With deduplication transfer speeds can be as low as 200MB/minute. Deduplication is more of a space oriented solution.
        Dedupe is single threaded which means it can only do one job at a time and nothing else can run to that until the current job is done. which can make jobs queue up over the WAN
        with the cloud I believe you can run multiple jobs at once like a regular B2D.